Officer Duties

CCYC is organized as a nonprofit corporation with corresponding bylaws that govern its management and operation.  Following is a brief list of officer and board member responsibilities as summarized and extracted from the club's bylaws. 


  • Chief Operating Officer responsible for yacht club operations. 
  • Presides over meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Appoints Committees as authorized by the Board.
  • Defines duties of Committees as authorized by the Board.
  • Performs additional duties and powers as authorized by the Board.

Vice Commodore

  • Serves as second in command.
  • Assists the Commodore according to the Commodore's discretion.
  • Presides in the absence of the Commodore. 
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all Committees as liaison with the Commodore and the Board.

Rear Commodore

  • Serves as third in command.
  • Presides in the absence of the Commodore and Vice Commodore.
  • Responsible for social and allied activities in cooperation with the Vice Commodore. 
  • Represents the club in presenting any physical problems of the club to Marina Management.
  • Official greeter of visiting yacht clubs.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all Committees as liaison with the Commodore and the Board.

Port Captain

  • Responsible for the club's physical property and supplies.
  • Schedules, organizes and oversees port functions.
  • Server as official greeter of visiting yacht clubs in the absence of the Rear Commodore.
  • Performs under the direction of the Rear Commodore and the Board.

Fleet Captain

  • Responsible for planning of organized cruises and other outings.
  • Performs under the direction of the Vice Commodore and the Board.


  • Records all proceedings of the Board and members.
  • Keeps the corporate seal and blank membership cards.
  • Records and countersigns all issued membership cards.
  • Serves all notices required by law or the bylaws of the club.
  • Produces newsletter for delivery to membership.
  • Delivers welcome packages to new members.


  • Collects and receives all moneys due to the club.
  • Pays bills approved and authorized by the Board. 
  • Keeps checkbook and issues checks.
  • Keeps financial records of the club according to good business practices.
  • Reports financial standing to the Board and general club membership.
  • Delivers membership cards to members in good standing.


  • Records and updates the membership roster.
  • Delivery of the roster for publication in the PICYA Yachting Yearbook.
  • Performs under the direction of the Secretary and the Board.

PICYA Delegate

  • Attend monthly PICYA meetings.
  • Present club's RBOC donations to PICYA.
  • Serve as liaison with PICYA, communicating relevant items of interest and concern to/from club membership.
  • May serve on one or more special interest committees as appointed by PICYA officers/directors.For more information, see PICYA's web site at: 

Board of Directors / Board Members

  • Comprised of 8 officers and 5 board members, totaling 13 directors.
  • Generally responsible for the management of the club.
  • Subject to restrictions imposed by law and club bylaws.
  • Adopt and alter a common seal of the club.
  • Adopt and change regulations of the bylaws.
  • Appoint members to fill vacancies on the Board.
  • Appoint, remove or suspend subordinate officers and determine their duties.
  • Authorize and secure payment for any property purchased.
  • Enforce proper record keeping of all minutes and acts of all board meetings.
  • Authorize all indebtedness, but not beyond the club's ability to pay.
  • Designate two officers with signature authority for checks.
  • Audit bills, financial and meeting minutes.


For more details on the club's operation or to request a copy of the bylaws, please Contact Us